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The 0.00001 MPH puncture bug is back!


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@Faya Just raced Abu Dhabi and 1st placed Alonso gained a puncture on the start straight of lap 4 without going off and instantly started going 0.00001 MPH (almost literally!). I lapped him a whooping FIVE times before he got to the pits! Lets not forget he is the guy who took a heavily damaged car with a puncture and an entirely missing tyre to the pits to finish the race at Azerbaijan! I don't understand why they go so slow when punctured? Most of these guys can still go pretty fast with a puncture to the pits.
Also just got 2 Ultimate fails end of season to begin new season with all cost and fail departments maxed. Harsh! :( 
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Thanks for the post @ChironTheseus. No worries about accidentally posting in the wrong place, I can move it into the Tech forum for you. 

Can you remind me which platform you are on, please? 
Can you let me know which game mode this was? Was it career? 
What level was the AI please? 

I may be back with more questions after I've done some checking with the team, thanks again! 

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