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[PC][1.14] List of bugs and glitches, currently in the game,my experience (SC, speed in pits,..)

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This is a list of bugs and glitches in no particular order. These are bugs that are rather small, but need some exposure, so that they get removed from this game, or at least aren't present in the next game. Nearly all bugs include a videoclip or screenshot:

  • Overtaking the safety car when you are in first place and coming up to the SC for the first time:
As you can see, it happens at different part of the track and with one main condition: you didn't yet get the message to stay behind the safety car. I also don't think you need to be in first place to do this. If the message is "catch the SC-queue" you can overtake people and the SC when you are of the track as long as you didn't get the message yet to stay behind "X".
This bug was also present on previous F1 games, even in F1 2013/14. I noticed this mainly in Monaco then, where you just could skip la nouvelle chicane.

  • STILL speeding in the pitlane at some tracks, when using the pitlimiter or being close to the limit:
I tried a whole lot of approaches to the pit lane because for some reason I got a speeding penalty, but I noticed and was quite sure that I didn't go too fast. So I tried a whole lot of approaches as you can see. I found out, this happens in France when you are very close to the speed limit, f.e. 58 kph or when you have pressed the limiter button and are giving full throttle and you  are entering the pit in the very left. It was always a problem in France, is now mainly fixed but not yet fully.

  • Frame freezes after a flashback
You can see this in all the above videos. This was a problem in the early versions, but was then fixed. Now with 1.13/1.14 they came back.

  • Massive framestalling returns
You can also see this in the above videos, but I made a dedicated video of a one shot qualy lap and the first 4 laps of a race. I show the monitoring data at the end of each run.
Race settings are visible at 1:45
You can see that I never hit the power limit of my graphics card or anything. No thermal throttling or memory issue either.
This is the video of the first few laps of a race:
Same session, same settings.
I do notice the CPU-usage peaking out a little bit, but I thinks this is more caused by the game frame stalling rather than causing the game to frame stall.

Some more little things, probably already mentioned:
  • Tires strategies not displaying correctly
  • D3D-crashes when loading between sessions
  • Not being able to join in a ranked lobby, still not fixed (message "loading to lobby" or something like that)
  • Stuck in lobby when switching from one finished session into another new track
  • Strict corner cutting is broken at some tracks

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