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WTF happened to my Club membership. I have a shortcut to my Club Page and it says I'm not a member of any clubs.  I'm on Xbox and I'm really getting fed up with the whole game.. We still have the Freezing Issue as well. 
At least this new "issue" doesn't stop us from playing the game.  In the grand scheme of things this isn't a biggy. :)
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We're working on a (website) patch for this now, with the aim to get it out as soon as possible.

This is a display problem on the RaceNet site, it doesn’t affect the leaderboards or the data stored for clubs on the back-end. Once the fix goes live everything will be back to normal, and until then the clubs feature is still safe to use in-game.
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@loore, On the plus side I played for about an hour last night on Xbox360 and no Freezes. I really do believe the freezes are somewhat related to the interface between Racenet and Xbox...or could just be a coincidence. 
Same here, I managed a full 8 races without a freeze last night :) 

For what it's worth I also think it's something related to the xbox/Racenet interface, especially as it also happens during time trial and racenet challenges.  It's almost as if there's some sort of communication issue between the console and racenet.
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Skaputnik said:
But what amazes me is that neither Racenet nor Codemasters gets on the spot to let us know whats wrong!
Please see above, I've posted twice in this thread already.

Further update on this: we're currently in the process of pushing a hotfix to the website, all going well should be fixed shortly :)
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