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Multiplayer Championship - FRIENDS ONLY setting - not working properly

Guest Redokee

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Hello! I'm playing online championship with my friend. At host options, when it set FRIENDS ONLY, my friend (Who is my friend on steam, and also I see him online in F1 2018 game) can't join. He can't even find my server. Why is that happening?

We only can play if I set it to public, but then, - even if the grid is filled up with AI - other's can join as spectator. And once someone joins, the game lag a bit so it's annoying when its hotlap or race.

Why my frinend can't see the game in unranked menu, if it's set to ONLY FRIENDS. 

We tried with INVITE ONLY too, he get the invitation in steam chat, but if he clicks on it, nothing happens, just F1 2018 starts for him...

Thank you!

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