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Formula 1 PS4 Premier League (EUROPE BASED)

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Welcome to the F1 PS4 Premier League! 

Sign up at: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1941991819995201536/

**Races normally on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT** ***FIRST RACE ON 14TH NOVEMBER 2018 20:00GMT***

You don’t need to be a professional gamer to be involved: this competition is open to anyone who has a copy of F1™ 2018 on the PlayStation Network! No experience required! this league is there to be able to race against drivers of all levels but also have the chance to be the best and come first!

We are starting with the premier league but once there are more than 20 drivers, a new league will start in division two. The bottom 3 drivers of the premier league will go down and the top 3 of the division two will go up. This will be in a continuous cycle.

All races from the 2018 game will be done in order and two races every Wednesday night will be held until we have a winner! There will then be a two-week break between the start of the new season. There will also be one break during the season near the middle and will be announced nearer the time.

Questions please ask us directly!

So Get signing Up!


The cars are Equal

- Assists -

• Braking Assist - Optional
• Anti-Lock Brakes - Optional
• Traction Control - Optional
• Racing Line - Optional
• Gearbox - Optional
• Pit Assist - Off
• Pit Release - Off
• ERS Mode - Optional

It may be that this will change slightly.

Full Qualification - The race is 50% distance.

Points are given out as the winner gets 20 points down to 20th position who will get 1 point.

Clean racing only, anyone intentionally crashing or causing hassle will be kicked from league with no return. Race's will be rewatched by two race controllers at the end to decide of any penalties that may occur. The games Race control will not count!

The Lobby will open 30 minutes before race start time.

Sign up at: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1941991819995201536/

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This is a European based League correct? If so what time do you race and what's the time zone? I'm interested in your league if you have spaces?

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Yes is is a European based league based on Wednesday Nights at 20:00GMT. There are still spaces so get signing up :)

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