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Make telemetry data available on ALL runs and comparable to ALL drivers, not just Dailies and the WR

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Seriously, the telemetry data from the Dirt Dailies is amazing. It would be game changing to get that same level of detail across all races, and all times. Let me compare my run not just against the WR run, let me compare it against my friends' runs too. We will hop in on a Steam stream to watch each other do runs while both trying to analyze it - without getting a bunch of extra 3rd party software this is nigh impossible to accurately do because WE CAN'T SEE EACHOTHER'S INPUTS.

So help us out here CM, get us some real telemetry data on all races! It doesn't have to be ingame, cockpit w/ telemetry, but just the overhead we currently DO have on any race. Huge bonus points if we can get it from inside the race live too as on OSD HUD option.

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