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Small but annoying bug when driving out of the box. (Multiplayer)


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I'm playing on Xbox one and I don't know if this bug is on other platform. This problem occures in quali and surely in practise sessions(but I have not tested it) while playing Multiplayer. When driver nr.1(the car earlier in the box) presses the button to drive out of the box the animation starts. While this animation plays and driver nr.2 decides to drive out, because of that driver nr.1 needs to wait till the animation of driver nr.2 ends, and they will drive out at the same time. This bug is not impacting the game, but it's annoying when you have to wait extra 10 seconds.
Look at the Ferrari box at 2:20 :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB84a0jc2oA&t=140s

And a really small extra if you are reading this @Faya : On Xbox, the rims of the front tyres of the Ferrari are despawning a bit too early, which doesn't look very good while spectating and it's also a bit distracting while driving. (online and offline) (it's in the same video at 42:34 for example)
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