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PS4 controller steering glitch/bug



I have been, for a several weeks, been experiencing a problem where I can't steer properly using my left analog stick on the PS4.

The problem is as such: Say there is a left handed 90 degree corner. I turn the stick to the left, the driver does not turn the wheel even halfway there, sometimes he'll turn it half way, sometimes a bit more, all the while he's spasming/twitching to the proper steering angle. He does not keep it held there properly. This problem alternates. Sometimes it will occur for right handers, other times for left handers. 

I then go to the Controls and settings menu page, and I go to the settings page where the sensitivity, deadzones, etc are listed, and there I turn the analog stick to the left, as usual, and the game shows me it's picking up only 70-75% of that input, but 100% on the right. When I try again, this time it will pick up 70-75% on the right but the left is fine.

Keep in mind, I'm putting the stick at a 90 degree angle. 

This spasming/twitching/call it whatever you like, is literally making the game unplayable. I can't drive in Brazil. Right now, it's happening for left handers, so Brazil becomes unplayable. Just recently, I did Hockenheim where the hairpin was undrivable because I got the same problem except when turning right for the hairpin.

I'd like to know if this is a controller problem or the game's problem. I'd appreciate some sort of answer, so that I do whatever I can.

Thanks, and I am hoping for a reply.

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