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Career Mode crash to desktop


I started a career on F1 2018 when in Singapore I finished the qualifyings, and the game was loading the interviews it crashed.
So I tried to restart the game, the PC and I also reinstalled the game, but nothing was changed.
Then I restarted a new career mode, I did the first season without any problems, during the second one, again in Singapore, again when I finished the qualifyings it crashed.
I already tried to find some answers on the Internet, but nothing changes.
Please help me to find a solution.

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Hi @MrLosso,

I know you tried reinstalling, but would you be able to try verifying the files for me as well? It’s one of those things I always like to try first off. If after verifying the files the game still crashes, could you send me your Steam ID so that I can investigate further? Thanks!

Validating F1 2018 downloaded correctly

1.      Open Steam and go to the Library tab.

2.      Right click on F1 2018 and select Properties.

3.      Go to the Local Files tab and click verify integrity of game files.

How to find your Steam ID

1.      Click “Steam” in the top left corner of the client

2.      Select “Settings”

3.      In the Steam Settings popup select “Interface”

4.      Put a tick in the “Display Steam URL address bar when available” tickbox

5.      Close the popup by clicking “OK”

6.      In the Steam client click on your “Steam Name” and select “Profile”

7.      Your Steam User ID is the long number at the end of the displayed URL

How to find your Steam ID if you have a custom URL

1.      Log in to your Steam account.

2.      In your steam interface, click on your username in the top right corner, then click "View Profile"

3.      While viewing your profile, select "Edit Profile"

4.      Scroll down to "Custom URL" and delete the profile URL you've set.

5.      Scroll down, hit "Save Changes"

6.      Once the page has refreshed, your profile URL will have your assigned Steam ID. Please send this to us.

7.      Make sure to re-enter your “Custom URL” afterwards and reset this to your previous custom URL.

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