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Driving in the full wet

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I have a Logitech G27 wheel, and can drive in the dry as well as intermediate wet and do well against the pro level AIs.  However, in the full wet, I am hopeless, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  In the season challenge, you are limited on how exactly you can set the car up (5 levels of down force only which is annoying).  The problem I have is the AIs seem to be able to accelerate coming out of turns in a way I can't come close to, if I apply as much throttle as the seem to, I will spin out.  If  I short shift and/or apply very gentle throttle increase (if any), I can keep my wheels from breaking loose. But when I do that,  I watch the ghost AIs accelerate away from me as if they were on dry track.  Any advice on technique for driving full wet?

One of my big complaints with this otherwise great game is there is no way to practice on a track in full wet.  The time trial stuff is nice for practice, but the "wet" is only intermediate wet tire.  It would also be nice to be able to modify and control your car the same as you can when in season or career challenge (fuel mix, choice of tire, etc), but that's grist for another mill.
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The AI has an unfair advantage in the wet, there is no doubt about that! Why not switch traction control to medium or even full to level the playing field so to speak! It's not "cheating" if the AI has an unfair advantage to start with! Alternatively have a look at some other threads in this forum that allow you to slow the AI in the rain or eliminate the chance of rain on your chosen tracks by editing XML files! (Only if you have a PC of course).
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