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Baku is broke in career


Done baku race on xbox one s after 3 laps the sound went of on 50 percent race I could still hear my engjneer talking but the sound of everything else was gone so restarted the race no problems with the sound second time around but at the a1 second pit stops bottas comes out jusg infront of me and behind a train of cars in p 12 then half way round the lap he just disappeared like he teleportedsome where and when finished the race he was still racing but 2 laps down . Ive also got other issues as well like screen stuttering and in bahrain it was like someone was flicking an light switch on and of  and im having problems with the sportsmanship prefrence were it seems to be operating the oppiste way round and also since last patch claire the interviewer doesnt seem to be as good as used to be I mean I won both titles with force india and havent even had an question about it from her and most of the questions from her dont seem right like before last patch she was always asking is about my rivals how its going and that and that seemed to havd an affect on there performance same forrival teams as well but since last patch dont seem to be getting the same type of questions from her .the game defiantly worked better for me before the last patch if snything everything the last patch seems to have broke the things it was meant to fix im hoping the roll that patch back as its deffently got the potential to be a really good game i was getting a bit sick of playing the game before this one as it wad the only game ive played since 2013 then 2018 came out and was starting to enjoy it again till the released patch 14 has made the game worser now than on release 

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