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NSR Recruiting again

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Hey peeps,  recently I have received a few requests to join my club.  

So im here to happily inform you, than YES you can't join us.  :smiley: 

Sorry, no offence intended, but we are small and exclusive, and we don't deal with politics, so we are staying the small team we are.  

Thankyou for your interest,  see you on the track or in a wall.  :smiley: 
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LOL, yeah that was one idiot that didnt even get a reply.   He is FCR now. 
He didnt so much as ask to join, but told me I had better let him in, or else!    Then he started on fluke, so you can imagine how his application was dealt with. 

I just want to keep the club, small,  its better that way.  We dont chase XP for leaderboard positions like AOR. 

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Just a heads up to the Xbox 360 players.  

[NSR] Jeehadi John  is not part of my team. 

He is upset I would not let him join, and has now created his own team called NSR,  using the same flag as my team runs,  only thing is he has kinda failed on the paint job.  

Its open season with this NSR player.  all are welcome to play, he will probably start on YOU first.  
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LMAO  I think he got bored.   He was kicked from 2 lobbies last night,  saw him at the end of the night (for me) and he had is old V1 team name.  


Maybe he realised just how much love there is out there for my team,  and wasn't treated very nicely by the other players.  
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Yea he did that sas for a while, we left him to it for a couple of weeks of him causing trouble, copying our team colors, sas tag, gamer tags and trying to make everyone hate us.

After 2 weeks we said enough is enough and made life horrendous for him, at the end he was begging us to stop destroying his car every race saying "i not doing it any more, im not crashing into your members any more, im not using your team colours any more, please stop it, i just want to race, i deleted my alt accounts of your names"....

He even joined V1 just so he had back up hoping we would not bin him anymore. that did not stop us we only stopped because we got bored, I guess his stupid idea of taking on 50 SAS members back fired, we quite popular contrary to his belief because other teams even came in and binned him for us also when we were not there. :grinning: 

I think the majority of teams hate him, V1 or maybe CBA is the only team that will take him atm lol.
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@SASBlink  Yes I remember his SAS name, 

I even joined in on the crashing of him.   There is a video on youtube,  lol.  

We wont get bored.  Tic Tic Boom doesnt get bored playing with idiots, and I'm happy to do it FOREVER on every game I play!    Ill call him.......MadDAD V2  LMAO  
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