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What is your favorite Discipline in GRID AUTOSPORT?

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Excellent question, although hard to answer for it.

I like them all for different reasons. Endurance is the most realistic for me with the tyre wear element, so whenever I want the most realism - and with it, the longest race, mind you - I go for Endurance. Open Wheel is the fastest, so whenever I would like to test on an F1 circuit before a race weekend, I go for some laps on the CotA, Abu Dhabi or Sepang. Touring has the most forgiving handling, so I go there just to kick some ***. I like the ultra precision required by the Time Attacks of the Tuner cars, and among them I particularly like the Subaru Impreza for its absolutely perfect, neutral handling.

However, I voted for Street, simply because I've had the most enjoyable races there up to now. It also requires ultra precision because of the close walls (I just thrown a .2s sector 3 lead away at San Francisco against Ravenwest in T17 after understeering wide into the outside wall during a Time Attack event on Very Hard with a Bugatti), so it's the biggest challenge for me.
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A good question, not a one tick answer though. All disciplines , have cars that are very enjoyable. The three disciplines I find to be the most fun, are open wheel, endurance and some of the higher end touring class. The more challenging the car is to race, the more rewarding I find the race to be. The ultimate endurance Lola is a handful to master, at the same time , it's fast and grips the tracks well. The Aston Martin v12 zagato, can be very unpredictable when cornering , but another masterpiece of a car to race when tuned correctly and mastered. In open wheel, the dallara f3, Lola f2, and dallara IndyCar are all very grippy track cars, that have a different handling charachteristic from endurance, touring etc, due to the high downforce, and lower centre of gravity to provide the grip needed, they take a bit more adjustment to settle into with respect to cornering, and braking times, but once gotten use to, great fun and a pleasure to race in. As far as touring goes, the cat c, cat b, and ultimately the touring legends (dlc) cars, are the superior, most drivable cars in this class. I can't find a favourite discipline as of yet.
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Seems nobody likes endurance.  I also love it. If I had to choose it would be:
1- tuner
2- touring cars
3- endurance
4- open wheel
5- Street

The only thing I like in Street is the cars. Apart from hyper all of them Are desirable. But I general I avoid Street. 

I endurance I love letting rookies pass by and see them crash... Then I just sail along. ..
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