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[PC] - All cameras facing West (90 degrees left)


I just bought and installed the game, and tried a quick time trial @ Nurburgring. Everything seems fine in the pits, but when I get out on track for a flying lap, all of my camera views are wrong.

In chase view, the camera is to the right side of the car looking left - instead of behind the car looking forwards. As I cycle through all cameras, every single one is looking in that direction - 90 degrees off to the left. I tried moving the mouse around, but that isn't affecting it. I've changed no settings relating to camera, views etc. - only selected correct video mode, refresh rate, and turned on VSync.

Has anyone else had this problem? Other than cycling through cameras, I'm unsure what else I can try to fix this - because I have no idea how it even happened! I have no other controllers connected except for the keyboard and mouse, and can't seem to figure out how they'd even cause this. If the chase camera was behind the car and simply stuck looking left I might suspect a button binding problem - but it's clearly in the wrong position as well, being off to the right side of the car.

My setup is PC and Logitech G27, no other controllers connected. I doubt anything else is relevant - F1 2018 is the only game I have any kind of problem with right now.

EDIT: If I pause the game and switch views with the menu, the camera moves to it's correct position behind the car (or in the cockpit), and is looking forwards instead of  left. After the menu closes and I return to the game - the camera is again off to the right of my car, with the view rotated 90 degrees to the left.

EDIT2: I'd include a screenshot, but your ancient forum system insists that an image URL ends in a valid image file extension like .png - which is insane, given how long ago most web code and content distribution networks switched to URL's that don't even include any kind of filename, let alone an extension. With this decision you're blocking people from using Steam screenshots from their library in forum posts. About the best I can do is linking to the screenshot URL, so people have to click the link and go off-site to see the image. Talk about sledgehammer.

EDIT3: One last thing I just noticed. After exiting the game, two of the "rev counter" lights on my G27 are still lit. I don't see this with any other game - in fact I've NEVER seen that happen since buying my G27 all those years ago.


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I did not see anywhere on this forum  that anyone  have such problems
Try unplug steering wheel, then you will see what will happen

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