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Please please will somebody see this and help?

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I paid for purchase that took two weeks to be credited, with some of the purchase items missing(I was given credits as way of compensation, which was really kind.) then no sooner than 3-4 days later, the app refuses to load. Which has been the case for nearly a week now? I have enough space on device I have internet signal and all apps closed....... still, nothing! I have been given different  advice with each reply, and today, I’ve been asked to contact you using icon within app in top right of screen???? I feel like I’m speaking to a brick wall! THE APP REFUSES TO LOAD. Will this even be resolved ever? Sorry for my response , but surely somebody can see my frustrations? As the game was finally, working fine. Without warning it crashed. And I’ve been waiting ever since, for it to work. The poor customer service has been a nightmare. Will someone from your end please speak to, or better still, call me with some good news? Failing that, as a last resort, even reimburse the money spent on game I can’t play? I’d rather be paying you though, for future in-app purchases which would mean resolving issue of game working. My iPad Air has recently downloaded the 12.1 update. And game was still working? I’ve always had at least 30G space so how is this happening????

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