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An old glitch that needs fixing

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Go to end of this video and same glitch, 3 incarnations ago except in 2011 it looks like there is a post so at least he hit something, albeit something that they didn't have on the real track. :-
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DarkRedslayer said:
Lol some people really need to get over them selves. Anyway, I'd be curious to know if there is really a gap there. Seems highly unlikely that it would be there due to safety concerns. Maybe it'll be fixed on next gen versions.
There is a gap
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The gap is there in real life, and while the wall on the game should curve around like in real life meaning that you wouldn't have a crash like in them videos, you have to hit the wall to have the crash. Don't want your car to get wrecked don't drive into a wall in a straight line
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