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F1 2013 Setups Explained (Video)

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Just some feedback,

It is possible to run 1-1 wings on every track, as it has no difference in this game if you are confident in your abilities.

If you want more Understeer, Make sure that your roll bars are the same number e.g 9/9 5/5 or whatever, for oversteer you want separate numbers e.e 4/9 

The camber is also the same, whereby you can have the camber all the way to the left and toe all to the right and there is no difference
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Hey Ben, thanks for the video! I've been a huge fan of yours on YouTube, yours and Harrison101's are probably my favorite career modes on YouTube.

Anyway, thanks for explaining every thing and what the possible side effects could be. The in game descriptors are quite vague to be honest, and coming from a NASCAR guy, really don't help me at all.

Thanks again!
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Hatta said:
Nice video @Tiametmarduk, thanks for sharing.

You should not be proud of that set up working on all tracks and it still being all about 1-1, 11-11.
Maybe you should explain if this for PC, Xbox or PS3 with or without wheel.
The Setup applies to all Platforms, and both to Wheel and Controller users.
I think set ups differ a bit with controller and wheel due to the controller being aided to make the game easier for people as for different platforms I'm not too sure. (I can tell they are aided because I used to be an aid pad owner however I am now owner of an aid wheel.)
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