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Ranked Games getting stuck after matchmaking failed

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Hey there

somebody else experiencing issues after a ranked game gets dismissed because of leavers? Either my connection is lost or i get stuck in the "lobby" alone and i have to restart the game to get out of there even it says "press x to choose" and "press o to cancel"...nothing works and its a bit frustrating to restart the game several times to get one ranked game
is it just me or is that the case in general?

another thing is that sometimes people get thrown in ranked games where somebody left and there is just no chance to win when its already 3 to 0 for the enemy team...dont think this really is a good idea even its unfair if in the ongiong match is like 4 against 6.

i play on PS4

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Hey, I used to regularly encounter this issue you described of getting stuck in the lobby & having to quit & relaunch the game, but I can only recall it once in regular daily play on both platforms since the beginning of this ranked season.

Regards the other of being dropped late into losing side, you should find that you do not lose a ranking when this occurs. I'm guessing it's part of Onrush's "Stampede" philosophy to join a game mid-match.

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