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Sudden network issues that I didn't have before. PS4

Guest MatiBlaster

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Today I got sudden network disconnecting issues which I've never had before and I don't know why. My game was disconnecting during opening crates or watching session replays. I was changing any DNS and MTU setting on PS4 and issue didn't dissapear. On the automatic MTU my game was freezing and crashing in lobby so I changed it again to 1400. Two days ago I started to get Match Ended glitch. At the end I back to my previous internet configuration on PS4 which was Open DNS and MTU 1400 and I didn't get connection issue but I played only 1 match and didn't have loot to open. I didn't have these problems before, I installed the game like a week ago, why it happened suddenly? Is it a problem with my internet or the game itself?
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