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G29 support in Codies games.

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Hi,  I'm looking at getting a racing wheel. Either the G29 or G290. Since I play racing games on PS4, Xbox One and PC either is a viable option for me but I'll only be getting one. I was wondering how support of the G29's selection dial and plus/minus buttons are in Codies games? Can I use those buttons to more easily select fuel mix and ERS in F1 and is there anything to use them for in DIRT 4? Thanks.

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Hi, I have a G29 so can answer a few things. 

Yes you can program an input to the spinning wheel, however it doesn’t work great. This is consistent in my experience across most games though. 

There is a plus/minus button on the front which I use for ERS. 

Ive also mapped the R2/L2 buttons to change fuel up and down. 

Wheel works great. 

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