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PC Texture Pack


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NhraRacer said:
Says i7 cpu recommended. I have a i5 4670k and it works with pcars. Odd that the i7 is recommended here. 
I7's are more powerful than I5's though it's only a recommended which means it'll run comfortably on that chip class.  I'm guessing this is just another idea CM are trying out using the PC market which will later go into the next gen games when CM make their move onto the PS4/XB1 gen could be wrong but that's the feeling I'm getting
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Loore said:
maskus said:
What are the GPU requirements for this then? D: 2gb VRAM is not enough eh?
Graphics: Intel HD5200 or AMD HD7000 Series or Nvidia GTX600 Series minimum 1GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11

Sorry, so the maximum GPU load for any race with the HR textures pack is <2 GB upon the GPU?  Or have I mis-understood?

That seems very generous even for using DX11 (albeit the resolution used for the specs will be a factor I suppose) with Grid Autosport.
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