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(Fan Vehicle Concept) Virus, Sledgehammer, & Monster

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RUSH Ultimate: Infection. Infect fodder vehicles around you making them explosive to enemies and turning them vulnerable.
RUSH Fuel: Leech. Earn RUSH directly from drafting behind vehicles. Feed off of the path others carve out in front of you.
Special Ability: Retaliate. Enemies that make you vulnerable are also made vulnerable.

Big Rig/Semi
RUSH Ultimate: Plow. Punch your way through the crowd by pushing other vehicles out of the way.
RUSH Fuel: Audience. Earn RUSH directly from being near takedowns.
Special Ability: Slam. Brake ahead of enemies to make them vulnerable when they slam into you. 

Monster Truck
RUSH Ultimate: Crush. RUSH into your enemies to crush and use them as a ramp to gain some air.
RUSH Fuel: Karma. Gain RUSH directly from being made vulnerable.
Special Ability: Detonate. Vehicles you take down emit a radial blast making nearby enemies vulnerable.

Whatcha think?

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