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F1 2017 Kicked for Cheating again again and again

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I read a thread which handles about the sam problem like mine since a few days. I buy F1 2017 for Steam (PC), install the game, try to play with a friend an Online-Championship and after a few seesions, short before the first race finished, there came a report that I´ve been kicke cause of "Cheating". So I googled and tried many things, like reinstall and check the installation via Steam, but the problem dont disappear.

Game Version is 1.13
Steam ID: 76561198127946676
Windows 7 64 bit

Cause we´ve read that there are Problems with overclocking-software (Gigabyte Easy Tune), can it be that the DDR3 1866 RAM is the problem, which works only with a internal overvlocking on the mainboard like I belive to know?

Mainboard: Asus M5A78L-M PLUS AMD 760G So.AM3+ Dual Channel DDR3 mATX Retail

Dx-Diag-Files are uploaded at a friends server: http://spawncube.ddns.net/f1/CODEMASTER-DIAG.zip

There are also installed drivers for MIDI-keyboard (Novation Impulse) and soundcard (Focusrite Scarlett 18i20), which is not active at the dxdiag.

I hope the informations are enough to solve the problem.
I play with an xbox360-Controller, and also tried PS2 and PS3-Controller.

Thanks and best regards

Online-Matchmaking works after reinstalling, when I start championship after a few secods I´ve been kicked

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Changed  grafic card from GT 1030 to GTX 1050 Ti - now it works

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