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Oakley Motorsport become GRID Autosport's 2nd Team

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Oakley Motorsport has a presence in almost every tier of every style of racing in GRID Autosport. They have a minor presence in the lower tiers of most styles of racing, and are often prepared to give rookie racers their break in the hope of finding the next big racing talent.

Oakley invest more heavily in the prestigious upper tiers of all the racing disciplines in GRID Autosport, with especially strong presences in the upper tiers of Touring Cars and Tuner Competitions, and solid representation in Endurance and Street Racing. In the top tier of Touring Cars, they can often even give the legendary Ravenwest a run for their money.

Their drivers are talent drawn frequently from the lower tiers, who have worked for a long time with Oakley. As such, it can often be a shrewd move to stick with Oakley Motorsport as you work your way up through the ranks of a discipline in the career mode for GRID Autosport.

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