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F1 2014 help needed

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Hi guys , 

I'm pretty new to the game and I got some questions :blush: 
-When I look at youtube , I see them racing at 250mph but I cant even reach 200?
-And you cant upgrade / tune your own car? When I play career I race with Red Bull Infinity and when I go online , I got a Lotus ? 
Maybe someone can give some information?

Thx in advance !

Ps: Never played another F1 game
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Are you sure the YouTube videos you're watching are in mph, and not kph?

Not sure why you can't tune your own car, but it's possible you have "parc fermé" rules turned on. This is the (real life) rule that prevents you from adjusting most things on your car on a race weekend after the Practice session is complete.

Career mode and online are entirely separate in this game. If you just join a 3 lap sprint mode lobby online, your car will be randomly assigned. If you or somebody else creates a custom lobby, the host can specify whether cars are assigned randomly, or players can choose their preferred car. Of course, if three players choose the same car, only the first two to choose can actually have it.
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Like wildcat said parc ferme (if set to on) will come into affect as soon as you leave the garage in q1and will only let you adjust the front wing angle after that. If looking to do setups use the practice sessions to make the adjustments needed and practice with the different fuel loads as a good quali setup isnt usually a good race setup in my experience with 2014. With the vids on you tube Id put my house (if I had one lol) on it being just kph instead of mph! 250 isnt possible for a F1 car with the downforce/drag they run. If you go to the osd that can be changed if something wanted to change to yourself.
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