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Display Name Annoyance - Can We Change It?

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Has anyone around here already made that mistake in thinking of a name to go with the specific account that you have made? Well, I don't like the name I started with at all. It doesn't have any type of style that I have entirely. Codemasters, please! I'm begging you to let us change our display name, if possible. Thank you.

Anyone agree?

And yeah, this is about the display name for your RaceNet account.

(I'm possibly thinking that everyone would argue over me, just because of some pointless name which I didn't damn like in the damn first place!)
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It's not something we usually do but if you wanted to fire an email to customerservices@codemasters.com and ask nicely they may do it for it :)
Thanks man! Much appreciated. I will send throw an email at the team very soon. I will be asking them about why I want to change it and what name I would like to change my display name to. The name I have thought of is a bit more user-friendly and appropriate, if you know what I mean...

But anyways, thanks for the reply though! :smiley: 
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