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Please remove friendly fire and the kill cam

Guest phyrebrat

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I can't understand why this game has the crash equivalent of friendly fire. Three times in matches tonight, I was taken out by being slammed into a wall by members of my own team.

Now, I understand that friendly idiots who push you out of the way of the gates are to blame for their own stupidity, but please, more often than not this is a pointless  feature of the game which does not make for enjoyable experience. It's bad enough having to sit and watch the sodding crash cam when an opponent takes you out, but when you get 'wrecked' because of a friendly, it's infuriating.

Also, please explain to me the point of wrecks that are unavoidable because you spawned me in halfway up a ramp etc and I land on my side. No combo of buttons or stick allow the player to realign and avoid a crash that they had no control over.

Lazy, lazy, lazy.
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