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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!


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7 hours ago, Ialyrn said:


18 hours ago, SkyRex said:



Nice, will Roadbook these 👍🏻


1 hour ago, Black75 said:

hi guys! i see here great videos of KitCars... how i have to find them ingame? i don't find any related class in menu.... 

They're part of Season 3 DLC.

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Testing the "Dirt Telemetry Tool" by Cortextual. Steering rotation in the telemetry app is set wrong, but will be sorted in furture videos.

EDIT: More testing, this time on Wales. I still messed up the steering settings in the telemetry, but will figure it out, lol.


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Guys how do you record videos on PC ? When I play in VR the game on the screen shows two videos one for each eye so I am not able to record a proper video of my game plays. Could you please advice how to record my gameplay properly rendering a single eye ? I am using the Steam version 1.9 with Oculus SDK. 

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