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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!


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Yesterday i picked this game back up afterhalf a year and bought season 3 and 4. i allready had the deluxe edition. 

Scotland is truly amazing ! as always i started learning the courses with a R2 and had a ton of fun! . next to that i think these stages really come alive when wet. Awesome graphics! i'm back in love with this game. 

(perhaps not the fastest time, but still wanted to share).

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Kotajärvi World Record Run - Lancia Delta S4

Too bad that's the best quality a PS4 can record. I drive with the cockpit cam but I don't have the virtual steering wheel visible, so for the video I recorded it from the replay with the virtual wheel. I'd be happy to hear some opinions which is better: raw footage without the wheel, or replay footage with the wheel. Cheers.

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18 minutes ago, tomt2002 said:

this is a Time-Trail Video from a Challenge that we start in another forum.

i am playing on PS4 Pro with Fanatec CSL, loadcell pedals and handbrake. but you could try the challenge ofcourse with XBOX or PC, too.

if you will know the details for this time trial challenge you will find it using the following link (only in German language):


at the end the following settings/rules are important:

  •  Group A car
  •  setup allowed
  • between 24. April 2020 and 10. Mai 2020
  •  any driving help that you wan´t

USA (New England) - Hancock Hill Sprint Forward - dry


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