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Massive tearing [F1 2018]

Guest GSerum

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Heyo guys,
So I'm currently experiencing frame tearing which is just unbearable to play with.
I run the game on my 2k 144Hz screen and since I'm always around the 80-100fps mark I experience tearing.

My relevant PC Specs are the following:
i5-8770k (Stock clocking speed)
ASUS GTX 1080Ti Strix
And the game is installed on my EVO 750 Samsung SSD
Maybe worth mentioning: A 2nd screen (1080p 60Hz) is also plugged into the PC but only used for Discord and most of the time turned off during racing.

I am running the game on max graphics settings as lowering these has no visible effect on the amount of FPS.
Would reducing the resolution to 1080p or the fps capped at 60fps help?
And if so, which one should I do, and which one should I absolutely avoid?
Of course, other ideas that don't cap fps nor reduce resolution are going to be considered first.
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