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1 setup for most tracks just like every other F1 game

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aero, 3-1

brakes, 49-51, high pressure, standard disc

balance, 3-11

suspension, height 11-1, stiff 1-11

gears maximum to right

camber maximum to left

toe maximum to right

works on every track except Albert park, Nurburgring, Monaco :) and the times are fast, 1.46 at spa, 1.20 Monza, 1.33 sepang, 1.31 bahrain

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What is a good setup to reduce tyre wear while still getting decent straight line speed? I have setups for tyre wear and speed already but can't find on ethat accommodates both really well.
I'm almost convinced that setups alone simply do not affect tyre wear, or if they do it's negligible. I spent hours and hours testing only to find out nothing. Instead I focus on a fast setup that allows nice smooth driving. This smooth driving is the key to tyre saving, although on some tracks such as China its really difficult. In fact China is the only track I didn't win at in Career mode over 5 seasons.
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