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A Tip for Codemasters

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Hi, don't take me the wrong way - I love GAS! My favorite game... This is more a hint or a tip.

I would love to know to which category (Touring, endurance, street, etc) a car belongs when scrolling my garage.

You could place it next to the car level (in the case below, next to the LVL04

What do you think?
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I've memorized the cars and tiers now so this does not concern me.

What really annoys me is when you look at what cars to buy and there is no icon to tell you  if you bought the car or not, I've gone and bought the same car three time due to this while thinking i had not owned it only to find 3 of them in my garage, lol.

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Haha, I've made an almost carbon copy list myself as well, only for offline play (i. e. I did not include price and rather just filled space up with colour codes referring to tiers, and scores in top speed, acceleration, power, etc., overall).

I've also researched the real world counterparts of the classes of both the race cars and the road-going cars. There were some stark differences compared to the game and it really helped by brush my nomenclature clean. (A particularly interesting find was how a lot of the cars in the Tuner discipline actually does not differ a lot from those in Street, e. g. both has model variants tuned by factory or factory-owned shops.)
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