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Wahey! Just found out my contract has been extended to March so I've got my job still for another 9 months rather than the 3 that were left :)
I don't know why, but I read that like a football transfer :joy: 
I'm very happy to extend my contract with them, they are a strong team with a great fan base. I really think we can push for promotion this season.
 o:)  Great news though bud, drinks on you at Silverstone then :p
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No GoT spoilers please :p I plan on watching them all over a couple of days soon.

Anybody want 2 kittens btw? Had to catch these 2 little nightmares last night after they'd found their way into my step-dad's shed. My mum's gonna get them neutered and I'm looking for a new home for them. They're a bit skittish and not keen on being handled but they'll be fine if they grow up in a nice home. I'm not willing to travel too far though so if anybody would want em they can come see me to pick em up :p 

At first i thought you put them in the cages so they don't spoil Game of Thrones :p lol
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Too lazy to cook tonight, so ordered a Dominos. They have a 30% off deal when making your own pizza, so I did that and added BBQ sauce and stuffed crust (yea I love BBQ sauce) lol. They charge a lot but my large pizza was £12 so a lot cheaper than it normally costs. :D

Tbh I didn't really have anything I wanted, and couldn't be bothered to go shopping now.

Edit: Wow that was really quick, especially for the time of day! That large pizza was very nice :D
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Hughesy said:
Thats a expensive pizza for us a normal large pizza is $4.95 (£2.42)
Do you mean from Dominos? Dominos are expensive in all countries I've been to. Buying a frozen pizza is a lot cheaper.
Yeah from Dominos. I get frozen pizzas from time to time, what i do is put extra toppings on top of it like grated cheese and mushrooms a lot more for less :)
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Where do you get your pizzas from? I've never seen any large around here for anything below $11.
Dominos cheap tuesday is $4.95 pickup other days $9.95
Yea they do deals like that here, I can get a large one for £4 but with only 1 topping, and I have to pick it up. It's impossible for me to carry it though using crutches, so I have to get it delivered  ;)
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Urgh, phone fell out of my pocket when i was getting out my car today, fell flat on the screen and cracked it and chipped some of the casing :'(

Gets sent away on Monday for a new screen, hopefully its a genuine screen that gets fitted and not some cheap replacement. I'd hope so at £125 but not getting my hopes up
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I smashed my 5C's screen a couple of months ago, but still haven't got it repaired yet as I'm waiting to be paid some more money for work (don't work much anyway).

Sorry about that though, and I really hope it is a genuine replacement. I refuse to have mine replaced by anywhere but Apple, because while there is this back street place in town that will do it (for about £40), I don't trust them.

While it'll cost me nearly £100 for Apple to do it, at least it'll be a proper job and I probably won't have any more bugs that'll come from it.
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