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I just want everyone to know that i've spent the last 10 minutes in a life or death struggle with a spider who thought that it was okay to drop down onto my bed whilst I was attempting to sleep. My room smells like insect spray, but I think i've killed the bastard. I'm wounded, but i'll live. 
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There was a game I used to play religiously which had an awful swear filter (part of the reason I left was because it was introduced). You could type f*** and that'd be fine, however I was given an official warning for typing 'Pakistan'. 
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mike96 said:
MBKF1 said:
He used to be called Tom M or something, ridiculously fast at the F1 games. Shame he's not here posting any more.
Yeah it's Tom. By the way mr "Bastard" perhaps you could ban a few people from posting at this forum? :p ;) 
What a fantastic idea fellow 'bastard', who do you have in mind?

I'm thinking maybe that sly Aussie pairing.
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