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I'm going over to the grandparents' for Christmas Day which I cannot wait for, because it's my grandparents, which means I can do the following:

- Eat whatever the hell I want, when I want.
- Drink whatever the hell I want, when I want.
- Have the greatest roast potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire puds, in the world.
- Guaranteed pavlova soaked in a lake of cream.
- Unlimited chocolate (be it food, drink or ice cream).

Can't wait honestly.
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Well the plan for me atm is to go to my brother's for Christmas dinner at some point later in the day other than that it's going to be a quiet Christmas. But then since my Grandparents died it's kind of gotten that way in the last few years. Almost like a normal day of the week really
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MBKF1 said:
fIsince08 said:
Just got out of the cinema, very mixed feelings on Episode 7. In some ways it's awesome, in others it's not. Won't say any more than that.
Exactly this.
Well one thing that is certainly awesome is Daisy Ridley, I thought she was fantastic in her portrayal of Rey.

Oh god yes.
The new characters weren't the problem and are far better than the ones introduced in the prequels, it was the plot line that frustrated me.
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Hughesy said:
Don't know why people in the UK associate snow with Christmas, it's either really cold or like today really wet and windy, but  rarely snows. Feel sorry for people in Cumbria, 3rd time they have been flooded in a short space of time.

yeah I don't normally get snow in December either. January is normally when the snow strikes where I live assuming we get any. That cold snap we had acouple of years ago we had snow in December but that's the only time in recent years that I remember it happening.
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