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Watched the Grand tour last night and was great to see them back, i felt the intro was the best part of the show then got a bit boring after that. I know its the first episode and there still finding there feet so hopefully the next episodes are action packed. Don't really like the tent they use for the main base and couldn't they find someone else better than Mike Skinner? lol 
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Yea the Mike Skinner bit was awful :joy:

5:30am and I'm babysitting and my bro forget to give me the WiFi key, and the bit that slots into the router with key on isn't there, so I'm stuck with dodgy mobile Internet for now.

Edit, I found the key, but his broadband is slower than my mobile Internet :joy:
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So I bought a shirt from Asda earlier and I've just taken it off it's hanger and unraveled all the tucked in bits, when something fell out and landed on the floor.

It was a blue packet and said 'ClearBlue' on the side, so I'm thinking ah bugger, I've gone and walked out with some kinda dental thing tucked in the shirt. But I Googled ClearBlue, it's a fucking pregnancy test lmao :D I opened the packet and sure enough, it's a pregnancy tester. I'm thinking about peeing on it to see if I'm with child lol.

Edit: And here it is :)

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