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Codemasters seems to be going the Esports route lately with some of their games so i wouldn't be surprised if F1 2018 was multiplayer only.
I doubt it will be MP only especially as that's one area CM have struggled in with their games it seems (based on what I've seen on the rest of this forum). They do well  with the SP aspect though and that's usually been enough at least for me as I don't touch MP. I'd be surprised if they didn't focus more on MP though especially as now they've pretty much got SP sorted. Although to stop it feeling like a copy paste game they will need to throw in one or 2 new things into SP but I don't think they will need to do a great deal. Although tbh they'll need moer than just the halo and Paul Ricard to convince me to purchase 2018 at launch. 2017 I feel is the best game they've done certainly since 2010 and 2012 if not the best they have ever done. But if I'm to purchase 2018 at launch I'll need a pretty good reason. Especially given that there aer a couple of interesting games coming up in the following month like the new Tomb Raider for example and I just can't splash out cash as freely as I used to be able to. Also there will be Fifa as well then as I've really got into playing the Journey mode and everything.
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Lukedfrt said:
Bit random, but anyone remember the NSP forum that we used to go on :lol: .. I just came across it out of the blue, totally forgot about that! haha
Paging @onetwothree

Btw, why was this forum made again? I think it was due to the CM changing their forum?
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Back to some random stuff. I was driving the other day and because I am a nerd I was weaving back and forth pretending to warm my tires (I was board). I was completely in my lane and 4-5 car lengths behind this Jeep. We they saw me they pulled over and let me by. I guess they don't watch motor sport because sometimes when I do that the car in front of me will copy the move and respond.
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I'm going to be in a bad mood come tomorrow. Two days in a row my postman hasn't turned up and I'm waiting for E-liquid. I don't know what's going on as the whole street hasn't had any post delivered. To improve my mood one of next doors kids puked up right next to my drivers side door and then just left it, so I knocked the door and the parent refused to clean it up. Next time I'm sick I'll make sure to puke up just outside her front door.....

Oh and here's a picture of it taken from far away as I don't want to go near it, I pray for rain tonight. On a positive note, this is fully zoomed in on my S9 Plus and it looks great in terms of not losing much detail, except for the finger prints on my window lol.

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