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15 hours ago, Hughesy said:

I joined in 2010 and have been stuck here ever since.... 🤓

Yeah I think that's when I joined too when I heard about F1 2010. Got me really excited back then what with it being at the time one of the first F1 games for PC to come out for quite a while.

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I have been reading this forum since Dirt Rally, also tried to join at one point but for some reason this forum didn't let me join. Finally joined succesfully some time ago. :classic_wacko:

On the other note, usually when I buy something I tend to think that only the cheapest one is good enough. Well few days ago I bought a Auto Gauge tachometer for 67€ and put it on my car, well it kinda worked, only that after 2000rpm it took a jump to 5000rpm. I spent time making sure that all the wires are ok and I didn't mess anything up. Finally I was sure that I just got bad tach and returned it. Today I went to our local speed shop and got myself a proper Auto Meter tach for 180€ and BOOM it works like a charm. So now I have a fancy new tach in my beer barge. :classic_biggrin: Lesson here: Don't buy cheap gauges.


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On 7/2/2019 at 5:00 PM, Lukedfrt said:

I wonder what happened to @DiRTFanNo.1 Hasn't been on here for ages, and he was posting almost every day 😂

Too busy adding to his Hornby collection to be posting here all the time!

I joined September 2010, literally just as F1 2010 was being released, so I've been here just under 9 years now. Crikey... where has that time gone. Crazy to think I was just 13 when I joined. I thought I was so mature for my age back then, but looking back I was probably a complete nob.

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On 4/2/2014 at 6:06 PM, KRTheIceman said:



I love how this picture perfectly survived the forum change and all. I just keep seeing it over and over again when I accidentally go to the first page of this thread.

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