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Oh no!


I've been sick the last few weeks, still am but recovering... damn Covid 😞 Silly state government opened our border too early and despite being double vaxxed I still got the omicron variant and it really has floored me. I think I'm going to be fine and the worst is definitely passed but still, what a way to ruin my Christmas. Oh well, more of my wifes awful cooking🤮🤣


Merry Christmas everyone hugs

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Ughh I'm melting... its just under 40 here today. Lucky I had the beach house's air conditioner upgraded after last summer. 


Hope everyone had a good christmas, mine was ok even though it was just me and my wife and a way overcooked roast pork! New Years fireworks cancelled tonight because of fire danger so may not even bother to make it to midnight. Happy New Year though! Uhm... wife is back to work on the 3rd of Jan, I'm probs not going to like her new position, she will be working longer hours than she used to now. Otherwise all is good with me, feeling fine now if a little tired 🙂

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Wife is staying on base due to huge Covid numbers here, haven't seen her for a week now 😢 Omicron strain sure is contagious, luckily it seems to be mostly harmless, like I was probs sicker than most people are with it here and it was kinda no more than the flu.


Take it easy everyone and stay safe!

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