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Thanks :x I see some of you on twitter but glad the forum is back. Really happy with my ps4, my pc is still better but great games on it like infamous second son. Nice I couldn't run that far when I was fit. Are you training for something? Last time I was here I didn't like Apple products but now have IPad Air and iPhone 5s lol
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Anybody tried to post something and have a notification come up saying it'll show after it's been approved? Happened 3 times so far and I'm not sure why... There were no swear words, pictures, videos or anything other than a quote and my reply.
I've just had a problem with quoting someone in the PC thread as well something tells me there are still a few bugs in CM's systems
Same thread it happened to me :-S Kinda weird but no big deal I guess!

I nominate PeteTheDuck for community modship :p 
wouldn't let me do a normal post in it either maybe someone locked it by mistake. Good idea :p
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