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AMS97KRR said:
It's suicide if it is not on next gen. And I doubt I'll buy it on previous gen if it comes out on those ones.

I agree the promotion and info delivered this year is key to whether I buy the game or not. I suspect if this game isn't that well received this year it'll likely be the end of the F1 series for CM. They can't let what happened last year with F1 2013 happen again.

I liked the classics but the rest of the game felt rather neglected especially the lower levels as the AI were too fast and aggressive for the assists to really cope with. I could understand what they were trying to do with the tyre wear and all that and it was a good idea but combine that with a screwed up AI too and it's never going to work real well. Add to that a rather unispiring career mode which is a carbon copy of 2012 then you're always going to be on a downward spiral.

I like and will continue to play 2012 but mostly because I like the AI in that game. F1 2014 must show improvements in the areas where 2013 is lacking otherwise it will get left behind.

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I thought I read somewhere that Autosport was going to be their last game on the current gen consoles. Not 100% sure but it would surprise me if '14 isn't next gen. 
Yeah I read that myself I think but until things actually happen that way I guess you can never be too sure.
My decision on whether/when to get a PS4 is somewhat dependant on whether F1 '14 is coming to it or not. If so, I'll get one end of the summer just before or on F1's release, else I'll wait on until the price drops a little further.

A Ps4 would be too expensive for me at the moment anyway  as it would cost me abut £700 to set it all up mainly because I wouldn't just need the machine. I'd need a new TV too as the TV I have doesn't have enough connections as they're all taken up plus I'd need to set up an extra internet port in my room for it to satisfy it's need to be online al the time that the new consoles seem to have.

Edit there have been a few hints it may be coming to the new consoles unfortunately nothing 100% confirmed though

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You know you can get a HDMI switch box for about £5? And the new consoles don't always have to be online, and they have Wi-Fi...
yeah I know but where my console sits it can't get a signal well at least my PS3 can't as I've tried it. As for the switches that's not a bad idea had something like that before and worked well for me. May try one for my PS3 and PC so I can alternate between the 2 on the same port. I don't think there's much available game wise on the PS4 that would interest me anyway right now other than Fifa and Fifa 15 is going to have the new Ignite engine on the PC anyway
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