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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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My guess would be the Haas is either going to be predominantly white or red. It's almost an unwritten rule of F1 that only Ferrari are allowed a full red livery, so maybe white with the red for the Haas logos and sponsors. Maybe something like the 2011 HRT, except it will have sponsors.

Having said that, Haas have put up on their twitter account a few pictures of a show car with an awfully boring black livery with a few white decals. They claim it doesn't represent the official livery for the 2016 car, but it makes me nervous non the less. 
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mike96 said:
Jiggy said:
I tried erasing the 2011 HRT from my memory. Actually, I tried to erase HRT in general from my memory. I was doing well up and until now.

But, but... Karthikeyan? :(
Stop it. You have no idea how badly I wanted to cut up his superlicense in front of him, just to see him cry.
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MBKF1 said:
Oh wow that's cool! How did that come about then?
He was returning to his old school at Yarm (about 45 minutes from my house) and gave a lecture for the Cleveland Institute of Engineers on the "Design and Engineering of a Formula 1 Car". Needless to say I wanted to go and he stayed afterwards to let people ask personal questions. He's a really nice guy, humorous and was down to earth. He's my inspiration! :p 
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