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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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Too spineless to attempt to defend his title(sarcasm) but he managed to achieve his dream so good for him. Could this be why Wehrlein didn't go to Force India, as Rosberg had told the team he would leave if he won. Would be a massive step up for the guy, maybe they should ask Button lol.
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Hughesy said:
Who says Hamilton is gonna win it next in the new cars ;) lol

Hopefully Red bull, Ferrari and possibly FI and Williams will be at the front of the pack next year.
Nobody said that though.... I said he wouldn't beat Lewis again, never said anything about the title.
Yep realized lol, still be good to see the other teams come good next year.

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I totally understand his decision too. I'm still shocked, but good on him.

Could you imagine, Button makes a shock return to F1 for one last season with Mercedes, 2 Brits going for the title! I can dream...
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Yea hopefully there will be more than one team winning every week. Although I always want to see Hamilton win, I can't deny it's working. 2017 should be exciting, if they put Wehrlein in the seat then that's a lot for him to deal with, Lewis will be like not another German :joy:
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