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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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MBKF1 said:
I swear we say this every year with Ferrari... :pensive:

I still reckon Mercedes will be the team to beat, and I think Red Bull are playing it cool at the moment and will turn up in Oz and be very competitive.

Who knows what will happen.
Ferrari has the better driver lineup to win the WCC. I think Kimi will be the one to watch over Vettel.  I really do hope Bottas doesn't settle in with Mercedes as a "support" role but I don't see him challenging for leads. 
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I am soooooo close to boarding the Ferrari Hype Train. I know we get this every year, but something feels different this time round. If they can turn up in Melbourne and get in with the Merc's, what an achievement that would be.

But I still reckon Merc will have the edge, and therefore, how about we PREDICT THE GRID!

1) Hamilton
2) Bottas
3) Raikkonen
4) Verstappen
5) Ricciardo
6) Vettel
7) Sainz
8) Stroll
9) Kvyat
10) Hulkenberg
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Hughesy said:
The Ferrari looks so planted, not that the Mercedes is bad. I have a feeling there will be less overtaking this year, unless they all drive like Max. 
Yea, for me the Ferrari looks super stable, especially out of the chicane and into the last corner. With the Merc I'd say it turns in better and hits the apex easier, but looks to have a slightly less planted rear end than the Ferrari. Something kinda cool though, at the end of the straight neither car is lighting up the steering wheel, so they weren't getting top speed out of them :)

As for a top ten, I think the Merc probably has the edge too, but the Ferrari might be very close :) I'd love another season like 2007 where the Ferrari and McLaren were so evenly matched but each was better on different circuits, and you never knew which way it would be until the race actually started.

  1. Hamilton
  2. Vettel
  3. Bottas
  4. Raikkonen
  5. Verstappen
  6. Ricciardo
  7. Massa
  8. Perez
  9. Hulkenberg
  10. Stroll

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Ferrari looks great onboard, we can only hope this will be the year that they'll finally challenge for top honours.
I'm going to go for a more wild prediction but I get a feeling we might see some surprises in Melbourne:
1. Bottas (Yes, I'm feeling a little crazy)
2. Raikkonen
3. Hamilton
4. Ricciardo
5. Vettel
6. Verstappen
7. Massa
8. Perez
9. Grosjean
10. Hulkenberg
I think that midfield fight will be very close but I think we'll most likely see Sauber at the back with the Mclaren's just ahead. That is of course assuming they manage to complete a qualifying lap without breaking down.
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Remember some of us made pre-testing predictions? Kinda interesting to look back now.

1) Mercedes
2) Red Bull

3) Ferrari
4) McLaren

5) Williams
6) Force India

7) Renault
8) Toro Rosso
9) Haas

10) Sauber

Mercedes is correct, but Red Bull and Ferrari should all be up in the same group. Massively over-rated McLaren. Then the mid-field is quite hard to predict at the moment, but I'd say it's pretty much ok. Then Sauber all on their own at the back, now joined by McLaren!
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Jiggy said:
Title contenders: Mercedes, Red Bull.
Might win a race or two: Ferrari, Renault
Might get a podium on their day: McLaren, Toro Rosso, Force India
Won't get a podium, but won't be as **** as Sauber: Haas, Williams
Is as **** as Sauber: Sauber
Might have overestimated Renault and McLaren. Also it looks  more likely that Ferrari is going to be the challenger at this point. I think I'm dead certain on the money though.
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Do you remember last year when pretty much everyone had already written Ferrari off for 2017? With the 2009-2016 aero formula they didn't get off on the right track, and pretty much never recovered from it. This set of rules had given them the chance to start again, and it seems as though they are in their element (with a little help from James Allison I'm sure). Can't remember the last time we could legitimately say a Ferrari looked more planted than a Red Bull through a high speed corner. 

Still trying to manage my personal expectations though. At this point I would take wins in 2017. I'm still not sure if they have what it takes to go for titles just yet. They still have the same strategy team as far as I'm aware. 

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Even the last 3 years or so we've been getting it wrong.

2014 > 2015 - After Red Bull's good 2014, we said they're the ones that are gonna be challenging Merc. They ended up having a poor 2015 and Ferrari came out on top.
2015 > 2016 - Then we said Ferrari are gonna challenge Merc in 2016, but it ended up being Red Bull again.
2016 > 2017 - Red Bull will have a great car, Ferrari will be no where. Now it seems Ferrari are the closest match for Mercedes we've seen in any year so far, and Red Bull may not be all we've hyped them up to be.

It's a funny business. It's amazing how predictions usually turn out to be wrong.
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