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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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Well, my girlfriend and I are both turning 21 this year, and her favourite place in the world is Monaco and the south of France, so both our parents are treating us to a romantic week away, which just so happens to fall on the last week of May when F1 is in town...!

We're going to sit in the grandstand right opposite the swimming pool, the big one that sits in the harbour. It means we get a view of the two chicanes, and about a third of the pit lane (albeit at a distance, I'll probably need binoculars). I looked at videos on YouTube of the grandstands, and while the Tabac grandstand does have amazing views, they are only at certain points, and it's not guaranteed we'll get them, and we may end up seeing the cars for just a couple of seconds when they appear from behind the yachts. With the harbour grandstand you're guaranteed a good view wherever you sit. You're a bit further away from the cars, but I'd rather be a bit further back and have a longer view of them, than be closer but for just a couple of seconds.

They did offer to get us Sunday race tickets, but the prices for that are utterly ridiculous, so I've insisted that we go on the Saturday for qualifying, not the race. Of course, I'd love to go for the race day, but it would literally cost an extra £600 for the grandstand we've chosen, and they're spending enough on us as it is, I'm so grateful whatever the day.

So yeah, we're going on the Saturday, which is amazing because we get to see Formula Renault, F1 practice and qualifying, and the F2 sprint race!

I've been one jammy bastard the last year or so, I don't deserve it!
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Sky's coverage has got better since Herbert's appearances became more scarce. Crofty can get annoying, and Rachel Brookes has the personality of a Ryvita, but on the whole I think it's pretty good. Brundle and Davidson are absolute gems, and Kravitz and Lazenby aren't bad either.

I just wish for a merger between the C4 and Sky teams.

Lazenby, Coulthard, Edwards, Brundle, Kravitz, Chandhok, Davidson, Wolff and McKensie. Perfect line up.
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Brundle and Davidson are the only F1 minds on TV that I actually like to sit down and listen to. Ben Edwards is tolerable. Other than that I don't have much love for any of them. 

Crofty, Kravitz and Herbert are all clowns who have been in jobs for way too long. 

Lazenby and Wolff are a whole lot of nothing. 

Coulthard is neither here nor there for me. I see a lot of fans raving about him but I don't personally understand why. 

And Chandhok might just be my worse F1 TV personality of all time. The guy is also labelled as the "technical expert" on Channel 4's coverage. Are you freaking kidding me?!
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We were treated to some really good races in 2017 for Formula 1 (Better then 2014 and 2015). They should be making it easier for the cars to follow though. I think it was back in 70s and 80s were the teams used ground effects so the tops of the cars could be streamlined. You still get grip in the corners and fly down the straights. Also for the rule change in 2021 I think they should just get rid of all the Hybrid Tech and go back to a high revving, high power output naturally aspirated V10 or V8. That would make things a little more simple and also, give the teams at least 6 engines so they don't have to hold back to preserve them.
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