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To further advance on the Renault story: 


Very interesting story, and possibly one of high significance. After the homologation in 2015 the engines are then frozen for 3 years. With this possible alternative seen in the link, Red Bull (and Toro Rosso and Caterham if another theory in this story came to fruition) would have an engine developed in 2016, if Renault decide to theoretically walk away then. It would be is a freshly developed engine under a new name, effectively bypassing the homologation. It could even be a product of Adrian Newey according to Adam Cooper. There's a lot of if's and but's in all this, but if Renault continue to underperform it may be Red Bull's best bet - a bet with a lot of potential advantages. 
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So what if he wants to retire?

"Nah you signed your soul away when you thought we'd give you a good car."

I'm no lawyer and don't claim to know the intricacies of contract law, but I'm sure there has to be some kind of release clause. He could take it up with consumer affairs if all else fails.
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fIsince08 said:
fIsince08 said:
Alonso may follow Mark and go to sports car racing next year if he doesn't re sign with Ferrari?

F1 times

F1 news
He's contracted till 2016 though isn't he?
Isn't there talks that he may opt out early?
His agent said the contract "cannot be broken"

@mike96 ^^
well that didn't stop Schumacher from switching from Jordan to Bennetton did it. If he's not happy and wants to leave early they'll let him go
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