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mike96 said:
Lukedfrt said:
Vettel to Mclaren? lol, please let this happen! 
Vettel-Button, actually I like the sound of that.
I'm sorry to say, but I think it would be more Vettel-Magnussen. Or if what f1since08 says is true, Vettel-Alonso.

Mclaren have reportedly been in contact with every driver on the grid over next year, although I must say Vettel and Alonso are the two names who are coming up most commonly in reports. I could see Alonso doing so, he has much more reason for a change of scenery than Vettel which has been discussed many times so I won't go through it again. But for Vettel he negotiates all his own contracts so I'll hope he's intelligent enough to realise Red Bull is easily his best bet at the moment. 
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Hamilton has a contract for next year and Rosberg recently signed a contract extension. Both of them love the team and the team love them. They're guiding the team to one of the most dominant seasons in F1 history. I think there's just about as much chance of me going to Mercedes than Alonso.

Alonso's only real alternative outside of Ferrari is Mclaren. Unless Vettel did, in the unlikely case, jump ship to Mclaren and Alonso could nick the second Red Bull seat. But I would think Red Bull would be keen to promote one of the Toro Rosso boys again if that were to happen. 

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