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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread


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fIsince08 said:
I dislike him on a race weekend because he turns into a brat when something doesn't work in his favour :p Yes all drivers do change personality over a race weekend, but screaming "Do something!" at his team after being overtaken by a Caterham just rubs me the wrong way. Then of course we have Malaysia 2013...
Lewis does that as well. As does Alonso , you're just not looking for it.
I don't recall hearing Hamilton or Alonso screaming at the team when they're overtaken by one of the slowest cars on the grid. Probably because they haven't been overtaken by a Caterham ;)
I think you'll find it was Alonso overtaking Stevens, not the other way around. Try again ;)
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According to AMuS they did, google translate talking :p

The Formula 1 sits with the current engine concept in the trap. It's too expensive, too complicated, unattractive for late entrants and it restricts the development of a so strong that a technical residue is hardly aufholbar. For this reason, the strategy group of the formula 1 met on Thursday (18.12.) For an extraordinary meeting in Geneva. It was talked about in 2015 and 2016.

Period until the end of January 2015
For the upcoming season, only small changes are made. The number of power sources per driver is now reduced but as originally planned from five to four units. Regardless of whether there are 20 or 21 races. A fifth engine had too much load on the client teams. The engine manufacturer would then have to take back their discount 500,000 to 800,000 euros again. In developing one came Ferrari and Renault contrary. Who does not succeed until February 28 to exhaust the 32 tokens (48 percent), this can make up for the season progresses.

On one point, however, all team representatives agreed. 2016 Formula 1 needs a new engine rules. Bernie Ecclestone wants stronger and cheaper engines , but on the basis of the current engine concept. Target are 1,000 hp, in the hope that the engines are so loud. One possibility would be to abandon the maximum flow rate of 100 kilograms per hour. The FIA called for these engines, the customer should not cost more than ten million euros. Better five million.

Higher performance, lower cost ? When asked how comes together, it was agreed to create a list of parts that could be standardized. More common parts means lower prices. The battery would be one of the following standard components. With a new engine formula and the limited development roadmap disappears. 2016 starting from scratch everything again. The motor heads of Mercedes , Ferrari, Renault and Honda got a clear deadline set. You must provide 2015 results by the end of January 

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Right, going of what @mike96 said, here are the pros and cons.
  • NOISE!!!!
  • Faster cars
  • Beasty engines (do we know how many cylinders they have?)
  • Cheaper for the small teams
  • Standard parts means it'll be harder to have a dominant engine and further lowers costs (a bit like the BTCC TOCA engine)
  • It'll allow manufacturers to have the pride of building the most powerful engine in motorsport
  • They're still hybrid I believe
  • We've abandoned the amazing tech
  • They're probably going to use more fuel, which is running out
  • I bet we eventually end up with the V6s anyway
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