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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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Well I'm not so sure. I should just send Red Bull a tweet asking them if I can have a drive. I'm sure they'll consider me, given my experience of driving F1 cars on the official F1 game for four years.
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fIsince08 said:
Apparently the Monza run off was added by the drivers for safety.

Aye, having a brake failure with less gravel to slow you down is much safer.
I don't believe Charlie Whiting for a second to be honest. World Superbike management visited Monza in January, they said they needed a/b/c to be able to go back to Monza in 2015, Monza went and checked with F1 if the changes were ok to do, F1 said go ahead.
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Is it just me or does the look of the 2014 cars look just fine now? Looking back at photos from 2013 with the high noses, they look old. I've completely got used to the odd nose designs now, they look fine
No they're still hideous. In my opinion F1 cars haven't looked 'nice' since 2009. They're all just so ugly. 
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