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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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I found this funnier than it probably is, considering it's all in German. It's Sebastian Vettel dressed up undercover for a hidden camera show. The reigning world champion dresses up as a mechanic and then takes unexpected members of the public (or actors) on a crazy passenger ride.

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fIsince08 said:
mike96 said:
Also first time neither McLaren nor Ferrari won a race since 1980. Also, first time the defending champion didn't get a win since 1998 (Villeneuve)
And the first time neither McLaren, Ferrari or Williams won a race since 1968.
And the first time the same engine manufacturer took all pole positions since Ford in 1969.

Hmm, we need a F1 facts and statistics thread ;)
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I have a lot more respect now for Rosberg, the way he was after all that has happened was brilliant. I have no grudge against him, as he's been very decent. Everyone makes mistakes, his being Spa but I feel he's made up for that with the way he's been. I hope him and Lewis have another fight next year. What a season!
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Wow, just found a document I made after the first pre-season test in Jerez with my constructors championship predictions! This is the order I put them in

1) Mercedes
2) McLaren
3) Ferrari
4) Williams
5) Force India
6) Sauber
7) Lotus
8) Toro Rosso
9) Red Bull
10) Marussia
11) Caterham

Some of those look ridiculous now!
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